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I need help to forecasting on my PowerBI report.

Jagdev Singh

Active Member
HI Experts,

I need help to make forecasting option enable in my attached power BI file. I researched online and it says the value in the X-axes should be in proper date format for the option to be enable under visualization option. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and need your assistance to fix it.

You help is really appreciated!




Excel Ninja
In order to use forecast under analytics...

You should only have single series in the chart. If you have 2 series in a chart, that option will not be available.

Have a read of...
Article pertains to PowerView in Office 365, but same limitations apply (note, hindcast isn't available for PowerBi).

Do note, your data set isn't good fit for forecasting as there is no clear recurring pattern. It gives best estimate, but gives little insight into future trend.

Ex: Forecast of next 5 year of Effective Federal Funds... would return 0.66 with ever increasing upper and lower bound (you can also see how effective the forecasting is, by setting forecast to ignore last x years. You'll see that forecast model cannot accurately predict value).

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