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I just don't get Dates and Data.

I always feel stupid. I just can't seem to understand how to do the following. the attached form is for a friend who works at a Job Training facility. I would like for her to be able to put the month and year (mm/yyyy) in the top right , in the middle put in the start date (mm/dd) then i want the parts wherre the days of the week are listed to read like Monday 04, Tuesday `05, etc.

I also would like for the name portion to be filled out from a client list. i am not sure if that should be on a separate sheet or from a different workbook. Either way, I would like for her to just be able to put in the correct date and then be able to print a copy for every client.

Any help on how to do this plus an explanation of the thinking would be very much appreciated.


> Did You solved Your previous Your thread? <
Now, You sent two times same layout Excel-file.
Where is Your data, which You would like to use?
I accidentally attached it twice.
it would be a list of names and maybe case numbers (I haven't added a place for that yet) but I'm not sure where to put the list of names and case numbers. on, another sheet with the form or in another workbook? I can't share the actual data as it's private information.

i haven't solved the previous thread, but i am sending the sample forms that you asked for, to it now.
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