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I don't know if what I want is possible or how to do it, if it is.

I work for a company that provides support for developmentally disabled adults. We have around 20 houses each with 3 or 4 individuals. Unfortunately, most of our staff seem to be incapable of filling out the documentation correctly. They consistently forget to write the house information or the individuals name. I am considering having all of our forms preprinted with the needed information. As I contemplated this, I realized what a monumental task this would be. I want to use Word with mail merge? (I think) We have about 20 forms for each house and then up to 50 for each individual. So I want to do the following::
  1. Sort by each House and then by each Individual in that house.
  2. Ideally, I would then be able to use a macro? (I really do not know how) that would print all the forms needed for the house and then each individual.
I am disabled also and I am unable to handle paper easily. I really want to just be able to check a box under a particular form and have it print with the required fields. I am hoping to be able to include how many copies of a form are needed. (daily forms 31, weekly 5, monthly 1 etc.)

If I can't do what I am talking about then I would like to be able to select a form and then have a table or something that will only have the house or individuals that need that form so use that data for the mail merge.

I am very new to Excel so if i am barking up the wrong tree please let me know.



Excel Ninja
Many things are possible ...
I would try to help You:
I modified some part of You sheet; Table.
... and those 'checkboxes' ... I had ... sorry ... to delete - there were overlaps, but I did something else.
Your I want to do the following::
1) Now, You can sort that table with any of those headers ( top row (line))
2) There is one macro for those 'my-way-checkboxes'
... I would like to get few more ideas about Your forms and so on.

Ps. I gotta zoom Your sheet to 150%.


Hi, thanks for the response. Due to COVID 19, my office has been closed and I have been unable to look at the file on my iPad. I am returning to work this week and I will look at this and give you some samples of the forms.


Excel Ninja
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ok here are 5 samples of my forms. The Communication Log and Staff duties are sorted by location (house). the Daily Record and Blood sugar are sorted by the clients name. I am also including a form that we use that is an Excel form also.

some things I would like to be able to do are:

  1. Select a client or a house and print the necessary forms in the right quantity for the month. ideally with just one command.
  2. place the appropriate name and case number or house address in the footer on the right side. ( with an eye towards one day maybe using a QR code to be able to scan paper documents into the correct folders, for digital copies.)
  3. have names or houses automatically update from a master list?
I really appreciate the help and if you could point me towards some videos that might explain the processes or concepts that might do these things. I would really appreciate it. I am trying to learn how to do some of this but i haven't really been systematic about this. Just when i want to do something I then go and try to learn it.


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Excel Ninja
Did You check that my sample (#2 reply)?
... all documents should include that file (own sheets) and after that many things would be done.
#1 those output would save as PDF as You would like to save those and of course print too --- do those fill to paper copies?
#2 if all would be in Excel - many thing would be smoother
#3 what is a master list?
... still many things are possible

I modified my sample file.
Can You get that logic (it shows, how to control - which should 'print' out... )?


Yes, I understand the logic. (I think, but not the how) so I would have a sheet that corresponded to doc1 on the house sheet. It would be better if doc1 was an Excel document, rather than a Word document. I have a few questions about that?
  1. If I remade the forms with Excel (for example the blood sugar chart) would i be able to have a separate editable blood sugar chart file (Original) and have the sheet that corresponds to it in the example also change or would i need to manually update the sheet on the example data form?
  2. The blue areas at the top would have the document name and then a sheet corresponding to that name, correct?
  3. Looking at the person sheet. If I print all sheets it would only print the sheets that have CaseNum and a document selected? Or, would i print the active sheet?
Now to try and answer your questions to me:
  1. I'm not sure if I need to save the output. One of the things I am hoping to be able to control is how many copies of each document I need to print. i.e. The blood sugar logs come in a monthly version and a weekly. For the monthly, I would only need to print 1, but for the weekly i would need to print 4 or 5. my first thought is that I would just print them in a batch. although if ,I'm not able to set the number of copies, the way you're proposing makes sense to me.
  2. that would be some work, but I am sure I could do it. How would I format? or get the data from the Person sheet to them? for example if the form had the Name and Case Number on the top of the form. I would want it to get IndFirstName IndLastName in one cell or two cells and then CaseNum in another?
  3. The master list is what we call the excel file that has all of the individuals data. ideally when we add a new individual or an individual moves to a different location. our office manager would change changes the Master List and this Workbook would automatically update.
I am really encouraged by the last example data you sent. I can see this Idea coming together. I have included a simple form that I borrowed and converted for our use. could you show how to use it on the person sheet. I only need the first and last names in cell A3. What is the syntax for getting that information?


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