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I don't know if what I want is possible or how to do it, if it is.

I work for a company that provides support for developmentally disabled adults. We have around 20 houses each with 3 or 4 individuals. Unfortunately, most of our staff seem to be incapable of filling out the documentation correctly. They consistently forget to write the house information or the individuals name. I am considering having all of our forms preprinted with the needed information. As I contemplated this, I realized what a monumental task this would be. I want to use Word with mail merge? (I think) We have about 20 forms for each house and then up to 50 for each individual. So I want to do the following::
  1. Sort by each House and then by each Individual in that house.
  2. Ideally, I would then be able to use a macro? (I really do not know how) that would print all the forms needed for the house and then each individual.
I am disabled also and I am unable to handle paper easily. I really want to just be able to check a box under a particular form and have it print with the required fields. I am hoping to be able to include how many copies of a form are needed. (daily forms 31, weekly 5, monthly 1 etc.)

If I can't do what I am talking about then I would like to be able to select a form and then have a table or something that will only have the house or individuals that need that form so use that data for the mail merge.

I am very new to Excel so if i am barking up the wrong tree please let me know.



Excel Ninja
Many things are possible ...
I would try to help You:
I modified some part of You sheet; Table.
... and those 'checkboxes' ... I had ... sorry ... to delete - there were overlaps, but I did something else.
Your I want to do the following::
1) Now, You can sort that table with any of those headers ( top row (line))
2) There is one macro for those 'my-way-checkboxes'
... I would like to get few more ideas about Your forms and so on.

Ps. I gotta zoom Your sheet to 150%.