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How to use Pivot Table as data for normal Chart or How to make Pivot Chart matched with the previous

Discussion in 'Discuss Data Visualizations and Charting' started by Rere, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Rere

    Rere New Member

    Dear All Master :)

    previously I use a normal chart from the normal data table and now I change the data table by using Pivot table, however, I Can't find the right method by using pivot chart to create the same chart result

    I attached the previous char report for reference chart style. (Sample Chart.xlsx)

    And I attached the pivot table that I expect as reference data on a normal chart with dynamic auto range. (Sample.xlsm)

    And thank you for @NARAYANK991 for the previous Threads


    Attached Files:

  2. chirayu

    chirayu Well-Known Member

    like this?

    Attached Files:

  3. GraH - Guido

    GraH - Guido Well-Known Member

    You should make your pivot in the same way you want your chart to look like.
    Get rid of those ugly filters (select one on the chart, right click and select Hide all field buttons on chart). Then basically you format a pivot chart as you would a standard chart.
    Add some slicers to make it more interactive.
  4. Rere

    Rere New Member

    Hi All,

    Did anyone know how to add code to my target in the picture ?? ( I expect target can be a change as the option TOP/BOTTOM and number of Sort )

    Code (vb):

    Select Case Target.Address
      Case rngType.Address, _
        rngNum.Address              'Check Opsi Sort + Jumlah Sort yang diingkan
     Application.ScreenUpdating = False
      pf.ClearAllFilters            'Clear semua filter Pivot
     If rngNum.Value > 0 And _
            rngType > 0 Then
        pf.PivotFilters.Add _
            Type:=rngTypeSel.Value, _
            DataField:=pfD, _
            Value1:=rngNum.Value 'Rubah Sort tipe menjadi TOP/Bottom lalu memilih daa Pivot dan jumlah Sort yang dipilih
          End If
    End Select

    Attached Files:

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