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How to trim IST from Date time


New Member
Sorry for asking so simple question. I am very very new to vba

How i can write Vba so that IST could be removed from the data . e.g final result should look like 07/10/2019 08:53



Excel Ninja
Something like below.
Sub Demo()
Dim strDate As String
Dim res
strDate = "07/10/2019 08:53:03 IST"
res = Replace(strDate, " IST", "")
res = CDate(res)
Debug.Print res
End Sub
If you need further help, I'd recommend that you upload sample workbook.


Active Member
You could also do this with Power Query. Load the table to PQ. Split the column on the right most space. Delete the column you just created holding only the value IST. Load the table/query back to your excel sheet.