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How to stop now() function from constant updates


Dear Sir, In cell A2, I have this formula: IF(A1<>"",Now(),""). However, I want the situation whereby once the condition is true and the now() works, it should not update itself again. Once A2 works for the first time, it should not update itself again. Thank You.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
so you should not to use this formula and replace it with an UDF or a worksheet event but as it depends on how the cell A1 is updated …​


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Luckily for you I have been involved here since 2008

Because in January 2009, I remembered a post about Timestamps
Well I didn't remember the date, but I remembered the post

The post discusses a technique for using formulae with the Today() and Now() functions for setting date/time stamps that don't update, no VBA required