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how to sort column of numbers generated by a formula


New Member
in column A I have a list of numbers

in column B I have a formula which calculates the percent change in the numbers from one row to the next.

I want to then sort the resultant numbers in column B

Excel will not sort that list of results.


1    32
2    16     =sum((A2-A1)/A1)*100
3    32     =sum((A3-A2)/A2)*100
4    64     =sum((A4-A3)/A3)*100
5    32     =sum((a5-a4)/a4)*100

Column B2 will display the number -50

Column B3 will display the number 100

Column B4 will display the number 100

Column b5 will display the number -50

I now want to sort column B ascending

It should sort and display the following results in column B:





Instead, when I do the sort routine for column B, nothing changes in column B.

What Am I doing wrong?