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How to select a range in a single Row by using two variables in VBA

Ali Asgar

New Member
Hi Friends,
I want to select a range in a single Row by using two variables. For Example if I want to select B9 to B88, I need to store 9 & 88 in variables. Any pointers would be a great help.



Excel Ninja
Staff member

Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

Here are 3 ways

Sub Select_Cells()
Dim StartRow As Integer, EndRow As Integer
StartRow = 9
EndRow = 88

Range("B" & StartRow & ":B" & EndRow).Select
Range(Cells(StartRow, 3), Cells(EndRow, 3)).Select
Range("D" & StartRow).Resize(EndRow - StartRow, 1).Select

End Sub