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How to - same formatting with data that changes weekly


New Member

I have to export data from an online system that hosts risks and issues.

In it goes to Excel.

This will happen every week as the data will be updated every week (well, it should be :rolleyes:) so each fresh import will contain different values.

I want to drastically reduce the amount of formatting and fiddling - it will need tweaking but it seems bonkers to have manually fiddle about every week to repeat the same formatting processes - Ideally I just want to be able to dump the data in an adjacent worksheet tab and the worksheet tab to the left (which has all the CF, alignment, col widths and so on) would say aha, here's this week's data in the next worksheet along, let's get it in and it will all display beautifully.

What do I need to do - named ranges in source and output worksheets? Formula's/VBA to reference to the correct ranges and bring them into the worksheet that will be used in various governance reporting packs so it's perfectly formatted and presented...??

No idea how to go about this so would really appreciate some tips.


Excel Ninja
Without seeing - what do You really have?
... a sample file would help a lot ... You.
Because You've opened this thread to Ask an Excel Question ...
eg Manually ...
Could You after export -
copy Your needed range -
paste only values to correct place,
which has wanted formats?


New Member

I'm not sure a sample file will help (not at this point) - I'm really just after gaining initial understanding on possible approach/approaches a person could take, leaving the specifics of formatting columns/ranges etc to a 'Phase 2' (if you will!) when I'd most definitely need to share a spreadsheet.

I guess it's more about getting an idea of the different ways to make a connection between one worksheet which would display the reporting view and another worksheet one of which has new data plonked in each week, if you wished to not have to format it manually for ages every time - the ways you could go about that, the approaches etc.


Excel Ninja
As I wrote ... without seeing - what do You really have?
There are some challenges to give even ideas, if You offer like a blank paper and ask - what to do?
Now, You asked which would display the reporting view ... how others could have idea ... what?


Well-Known Member
Connect to the online source with Power Query (aka Get & Transform Data (on the Data tab of Excel ribbon)).
Then all you'll need to do is refresh the query each week, and probably nothing more.