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How to recreate the equation of the line from an Excel graph.


Good morning Ninjas.

I am running into a situation where I would like to use the information provided by an excel graph with I ask that the equation of the line in exponential format be shown on the graph.

The equation provided is y=0.9019e^0.0002x

So, how do I use the data that goes into the graph (the x values) to create the shown equation without having to manually enter the formula each month?

Thanks in advance.

Luke M

Excel Ninja
Check out the LOGEST and LINEST functions. They can return information about a exponetial or straight line fit. If this is not what you were looking for, could you paste a screenshot of your chart, so we can know more about what you are referring to?


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Add a new series
The X values are your existing X Values (lets assume A2:A14)
The Y values are =0.9019*EXP(0.0002*A2)
Then copy that down

Then add the new Y Values as a new series to the chart