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How to insert pdf into a userform


Hi Folks,

I am developing a custom ribbon and require some assistance.

When I hover over an icon in the ribbon the supertip will reveal what the buttton will do if selected. If I select the button in the ribbon I wish for it to open a pdf in a userform, with scrollable bars, thus allowing me to scroll the documents I have opened.

Ideas here are welcomed


Well-Known Member
You have to use a webbrowser element in your userform.
See example.
Unpack and put a few pdf's in the folder named PDF and open the excel file



Hi Belleke,

Thank you for your reply.

IT is not quite what I was looking for. I have have attached a picture that might help.

In providing a description - if I select the SANS icon a drop down list appears of pdf documents I have on my computer. In this case if I select 1200 C a user form should appear to the right, with that pdf showing. The pdf should then be readable / scrollable in that box / userform.

pdf viewer.JPG