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How to get nearest deadline


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To get the nearest time (and date) in the future from NOW(), in any cell in your sheet this array-entered formula:
(array-entered means Ctrl+Shift+Enter while committing the formula to the sheet, NOT just Enter)
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Peter Bartholomew

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Since your run times do not have any date information, I assume the times apply to every day. In which case I would use Name Manager to define formula 'WaitTime' that refers to

= MOD( RunTime - Now, 1 )

The next run time would be

= Now + MIN( WaitTime )

Because WaitTime is defined as a Named Formula it will evaluate correctly as an array; CSE is not needed.


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Peter Bartholomew
Assume NOW time has already marked in cell C2.

... still reading ... or try to read ... 'nearest deadline'
NOW it is 22:30 then nearest dealine would be 03:30 AM
Yes - No - - - now isn't 22:30 or not or it could be current time, who knows?
... then 'deadline' won't necessary to be 03:30 AM ... it current time isn't 22:30.

Please, try next time write 'what do You would like to get?'
with clear logic ...


Peter Bartholomew

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Having nicked your workbook I at least did you the courtesy of using the infrastructure you had set up :)! Because I treat direct references as qualitative errors, I simply applied the name 'Now' to the cell.