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How to fix ClassFactory Cannot Supply Requested Class

Hany ali

Active Member
Hello every one & merry christmas for all
,i want your Helping to solve this problem
whwn i try to fix Date Picker in Excel Files ,allready i found this Icons in Excel's Userform
but when to start to Used I found this Mistake Message


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See post#2 here

Marc L

Excel Ninja
a very well known issue you could already have found everywhere on the Web :​
as some computers can't support anymore some ActiveX like this date picker (no support from Microsoft)​
so the better is to avoid to use them and replace them by workaround you can find out on Web …​

Hany ali

Active Member
Marc L , thanks alot for quick reply
Dear Professor, I tried a lot and did not find a solution to this problem

I don't understand anything, I think it is a very different topic than what I am asking

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Fluff13 just asked for your attachment …​
Maybe you are under Excel 64 bits intead of 32 bits version​
- in this case under 64 bits its easier to replace the data picker by a 'full UserForm date management' as you can find on web​
rather than trying to register the dll via regsvr32 -​
but some Windows 10 computers had issue also under 32 bits Excel version as​
sometimes this error can occur from something corrupted on computer whatever Excel (repair / reinstall)​
or system (controls to be downloaded or specific files to delete) as you can see just performing a web search for your error message …​
I tried a lot and did not find a solution to this problem
Hum … Just using the search icon at the top of this page for 'date picker' :​
Well read this linked thread until the end of second page …​


Excel Ninja
thanks alot ,but the problem still here,because i want to use this in Userforme
Hi ,

Does this mean anything ?
DTPicker requires MSCOMCT2.OCX which is no longer native to the OS since Windows 7. It would make more sense to re-think your design, as your end users will more than likely require this library too before it will work.
There is an alternative Date Picker control developed by Roy Cox that doesn't require this library which can be found here