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How to find a matching entry for each parties


I have asked the same question in this forum but moderator may blocked it without any notification, but showing message of "moderator edited" on it. Why the moderator blocked my question without any reason?. If there was something wrong?

So I am asking the same question again here.

As per the forum rule
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So my question is

In the attached workbook, Data2 sheet is my data entry sheet. In Data2 sheet L Column there are 2 entries mentioned.

1. Receipt and second Replacement.

I would like to sort out each parties Receipt and their Replacement with correct item from Data2 sheet as per the report in sheet1.
In the sheet1 yellow highlighted items we received 3 star item and replaced with 4 star item, how can we search and fetch the proper item for each party from Data2. Party names (party master in Master sheet)

Can somebody help me with a macro solution for this please

Thanks in advance


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