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how to download all mails into new mail id


@ Dear all,

I want to change the email id and also to move all messages into a separate mail id.

Please inform how I can do this.


Luke M

Excel Ninja
Staff member
Assuming you are talking about here on the forums, you can change your email here:

All forum threads are still linked to same account, so no need to move those.
Any new email messages will be sent to the email you provide at above.

Is this what you were looking for?


@ Luke,

The current emall id which I am using will be stopped very shortly due to some server configurations with my employer and can not be used any further. What I want is to get all the messages - old and new in a fresh mail id & also for login purpose.



Excel Rōnin
Hi, VDS!
Followed Luke M's instructions and found issues? Would you please detail whic ones? Thank you.