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how to display information for a front page dashboard that means something

Discussion in 'Excel Dashboards' started by allanwalton01, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. allanwalton01

    allanwalton01 New Member

    Dear all
    I have looked through most of the great work you have created on here but still stuff with inspiration or direction on how to show information in a dashboard that is high level yet means something when you look at it
    so here is what I have
    I have a file with 12 separated tabs for each month with 12 sites on it(you will see the idea on the data sheet)
    each tab has a KPI layout on it where each KPI is a pass or fail due to a % or a number there is no total calculation for a pass or fail its based on the response to each kpi not overall
    I have created 2 data tabs based on conversations on how to consolidate and these will link back to tabs month on month
    I have looked at lots of dash board but I cannot see how to display the information is a one page dashboard that actually means something any help or guidance would be a relief as I have been stuff for a while now

    thanks in advance is anyone can help ,

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  2. Hui

    Hui Excel Ninja Staff Member


    The issue of "making" the dashboard that "Means something" is the last part of the story

    The most important part of this is determining what your audience wants/needs to see?

    To determine this, look at what the existing reports already show, talk to your fellow workers and speak to management and speak to even higher levels of management.

    The machinations of making a dashboard mean nothing without knowing what you are trying to say
  3. allanwalton01

    allanwalton01 New Member

    Morning All

    many thanks for the advice
    I sat with the boss and went through this and apart from just taking the information from the sheet we complete for the inspection , I really struggled to understand how simplifying the information to give any other view.
    I sat with him and pulled together the attached and he was happy now the issue to understand how to change either picture or information how does this look
    I know there is a Ninja out there that will look at this and say simple so I ask for help and guidance on this
    thanks in advance

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  4. allanwalton01

    allanwalton01 New Member

    Hi guys been working on it during lunch , trying pivots but I was loosing data so I created another pivot still same

    spoke to a friend who said
    pivots will only ever show data that is there, hence why you keep on loosing data

    He suggested use layout 1 and then use multiple sumifs rather than a pivot. They are more flexible and can show data that is not . You could then either use a slicer or variable data list to drive the dashboard
    not there if you understand what he means

    any help greatly received

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  5. allanwalton01

    allanwalton01 New Member

  6. p45cal

    p45cal Well-Known Member

    I'm not really sure what you're after but try this to reduce errors; in cell C8 of Dash sheet:
    =GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of " & C$4,'pivot 1'!$A$3,"Month",'pivot 1'!$A$4,"KPI Number",$B8)
    copied down and across.
    Your data is very similar month to month so little change occurs.
  7. allanwalton01

    allanwalton01 New Member


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