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How to create a graph for Executive Out time

Prasad L V A

New Member
Hi Hui, It would be of great help if you can explain the logic in the formula & the chart. I have some other months data to be done.

Prasad L V A

New Member
Hi Hui, You should be a busy man. Trying to grab your attention from last 10 days. It would be of great help if you can spare some time and help with logic of the formula & Chart. I have attached the sample file with all 4 months data. Really would appreciate your help...



Excel Ninja
Staff member
I have become snowed under and am sorry I won't get to this for a little bit
I am also working on a new Excel project which I want to publish soon.
It will blow your mind. It has blown my mind and I wrote it

The chart

There are 2 sets of stacked column charts
1 set for each vertical axis

The first series in each set is the start time and it is shaded with no fill, but if click below each Colored bar it will be highlighted

The second series, the colored column is the length of time

Click on each series and look at the source range for the series in the Formula Bar

Then follow the formula to see where they came from


Excel Ninja
... You used Hui's layout.
The graph would look as Your given data
(as I tried to write too in my sample).
ps. #9 Reply uses some formulas which don't work with me;
That's why, for me, there are many not valid values.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
The two vertical axis in my original post have different vertical scales, so it is distorted a little