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How to correctly calculate the percentage of productivity

Jhon Doe

New Member
In PowerBI I am calculating the percentage of productivity of each of the technicians who attend tickets, to calculate the productivity of each one I am using the formula "Tickets attended * 100 / Total tickets", to calculate productivity I am creating a new measure where I am executing the following formula:

Measure = DIVIDE(Tickets[Tickets Attended]*100,Tickets[Total Tickets])

The "Tickets Attended" I am obtaining based on a measure which its formula is as follows:

Tickets Attended = CALCULATE(COUNTAX(Tickets,Tickets[Status]),Tickets[Status]="Resolved" || Tickets[Status]="Cancelled")

The only thing I am interested in having in the "Attended Tickets" are those that are in Resolved or Cancelled State.

To calculate "Total Tickets" I am using the following formula in a measure, where I use the previous measure of "Tickets Attended"

Total Tickets = SUMX(VALUES(Tickets[ID Ticket]),Tickets[Tickets Attended])

To give a clearer example of what I want to do in Power Bi, I have done it in Excel as follows:


I explain the formula to calculate the productivity of each Technician, for User1 is:

41*100/197 = 20.8121

The error I'm presenting when adding this measure to the table in Power BI is that all the values in the productivity of each technician results in 100. What would be the correct formula you should use?