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how to check if a cell contains a Date?

jack abbey

New Member
how to check if a cell contains a Date?
in column A i enter either a date or another value, such as "Dinner" or "Lunch"
in column B i formatted the date to show it to me as i wish, but if in column A its not a date value, then i want column B to be blank
can anyone help me to get that right?
many thanks


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
There are a number of choices here that I do not fully understand.
@bosco_yip Why did you choose CELL("type", ... ) rather than ISNUMBER( ... ) ?
@pecoflyer You would still need to test for blank or pick it up at the formatting stage
@jack abbey Why is the text version of the date assembled by concatenating its parts?

The image shows some further options. It seems that much comes down to a matter of taste!