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How to Call Date Picker for UserForm

I am a super newbie and slowly building a UserForm step by step. I happened upon Trevlor Eyre's CalendarForm Date Picker and followed his steps for downloading, saving it and adding the form and module to my excel file. However, now I'm stuck. His Module1 has three calendars to choose from. I would like AdvancedCalendar2, but I don't know how to 'connect' it with the specific TextBoxes in my UserForm. He has a reference to SelectedDate:=Range("H61").value,_ Do I replace "H61" with the name of my TextBoxes? I'm a little lost.
My sample file is attached.


I'm sorry, but I've never heard of an .rar file. I was able to find an online extractor and extract the workbook.

I noticed you added a Command Button to the worksheet "Master". However, I need the Date Picker on my UserForm for every textbox that requires a date. The attached image shows an example of what I'm looking for. You click on the 'down' arrow and that opens the Calendar/Date Picker.


I updated my sample file (see attached). If you click on Data Entry Form the UserForm opens. If you click on Start Date, you have to enter something in the textbox in order for the calendar to appear. So, if I enter a '1', for example, the calendar pops up. If I select a date, it works fine. But when I attempt to click away or click on another textbox, the calendar stays open and everything is locked up. I have to double-click the "X" on the calendar to 'unlock' the form, but then the date I entered changes to 12/30/1899.
Is there a way to add a dropdown arrow on the textbox, so if you click on it, it opens the calendar vs entering a character to activate opening it?
Is there a way to auto-accept the date I selected and when I move to a new textbox or click away, the date selected remains and the calendar disappears?
I appreciate your assistance!