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How to Avoid Debug error

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Rameez Sarang

New Member

I am running a Macro in excel which copies the data and pastes it in a PPT which has 17 slides. Since there is continuous copy-paste action performed by the macro, it sometimes gives a debug error in between(couples of times) as it cant copy the data that fast, but when when I click on debug and run it again it performs the action and completes the ppt correctly.

Is there a code which can be inserted to avoid the debug error as large amount on data is getting pasted in PPT from excel continuously.

Please help.


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Is there any other alternative
Hi, it seems not with your guessing challenge ! Maybe you could have more chances on some PowerPoint forum …​
As a reminder :​


Excel Ninja
Rameez Sarang
About Your 'seems'?
Could You explain - how did You test those my 'ideas'?
... for me, all of those would work based Your given details.
Rameez Sarang
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