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How to apply superscript in a formula

Rameez Sarang

New Member

Can someone help me as to how should I superscript a number(Ordinal) in a formula. I know it can be done via custom format but is there a way to do it in a formula. I am driving a cell via a formula and want to apply superscript in the same formula. Have attached the excel file for example.



Well-Known Member
I managed with this formula:
I got those superscripted characters at this site: https://qwerty.dev/superscript-generator/
and copied the results inbetween the quote marks in the formula. See column E of the attached.


If that doesn't work for you, those are only unicode characters and can be generated within the formula. Unfortunately, LOOKUP didn't like those in {} array, so I used CHOOSE instead, but that leads to a long formula:
See column G of the attached. You may be able to find a shorter one.


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