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How many teachers do I need to deliver lessons in a school?


New Member
I've been asked to work out how many teachers we will need next year for our school. I know the teachers we have working next year, so I have to identify the gaps. I do not have to worry about the actual timetabling of lessons.

We have six year groups and each year group will have up to four classes. Some subjects are taught in sets rather than in classes.

There are 9 lessons each day. I know how many lessons each year group should have in each subject. Some lessons, such as swimming, need two teachers, but most only need one teacher.

Some teachers work part-time. Some teachers can teach only one subject and others are able to teach more than one subject.

If a teacher is a department head or a tutor, they are available to teach for fewer lessons than teachers without those responsibilities.

Can anybody suggest how I might approach this, please?


Excel Ninja
You have there many some-texts.
Could You create an Excel-file, which has a sample of numbers - what could be those?
It's a challenge to guess Your needs.
Based Your writings - there needs to be at least two teachers (for swimming).