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How do I

Weldon Riker

New Member
How do I take the following value A123456789 get this value (less the A)123456789

And in another cell

Concatenate A2 A3 but put a comma in between in the result e.g. the value in A2 is MOUSE and the value in A3 is MICKEY the result should be MOUSE, MICKEY
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Excel Ninja
Hi ,

If the value A123456789 is in cell A1 , then the following formula will return only the digits i.e. the A will be removed and the remaining portion of text returned.


will return only the digits , after removing the letter 'A'. However the returned value will be a text string.

=SUBSTITUTE(A1,"A", "") + 0 will return only the digits , but the returned value will be a number.

To concatenate , just use the & symbol.

Thus =A2 & "," & A3 will return the contents of cell A2 , followed by a comma , followed by the contents of cell A3.