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How do I type the up/down/no change arrow in a forumula?


New Member
I don't know what they are called otherwise I would look it up myself.

I'm trying to type on of chandoo's forumula. This is the link or picture:


Please hurry. I want to type this formula badly.


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just get it off the car map, slap it into a named range, and reference the named range when you want it in a formula.

That's what the pros do.

And by pros, I mean me.


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What? Where is the car map?

I'm a newbie, and this is the first time I've been to Chandoo's website (today).



one simple way is too change the font to WEBDINGS and use the following



34= left and right

example formula =IF(A1<0,6,IF(A1>0,5,34))

So if A1 is less than 0 then down arrow, greater than 0 then up arrow, equal to 0 left and right.

Hope this helps


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Hiboys way works. I always get the arrows out of the character map. It's under accessories. Find the arrows you want, copy them out and put them in individual cells. So the "up" arrow will be in a cell you just named "UP". So your formula could be:



New Member
Dear amc11

Type Alt+798 for Up Arrow; Alt+799 for Down Arrow and Alt+784 & Alt+785 for No Change Arrow from ur numeric keypad

Hope this solves ur problem..