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how do i format the cell appearance based on their date value?

jack abbey

New Member
how do i format the cell appearance based on their date value?
for example i have a column with many dates in the rows
&, i want to make the cell contents Bold if the date of the cell is less then the next sunday
so if the date is older then today, or its within this week, then i want it to become Bold automatically
so like this i can see all appointments due.
can anyone help me with that?


Well-Known Member
A file would be helpful, in the meantime there is built in conditional formatting for dates:

jack abbey

New Member
work perfect
however, i want to highlight every occurrence from beginning of time until the end of this week, not just this week, but everything UNTIL and including this week, i cant see any option for that, thanks

jack abbey

New Member
the only way i slightly managed it is by using a formula:
(where A2 is the date)
although for some odd reason it leaves out some rows, but its 99% ok