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How can we audit a file that causes errors when opening?

I hope that Hui won't mind me posting this thread but a recent thread of mine in the "Visualizations and Charting" forum called "Dynamically updating Charts with new and different data" (sorry, I am not sure how to link to the other thread) gave us a lot of problems with respect to being able to open Hui's solution.

This got me thinking....is there a way of checking an excel workbook such that we can be sure that there are no bad links to external files, bad connections, bad references, un-used Name ranges etc., etc.

I'm sure I am not alone, but if I find a file useful then I use it for my own use without really knowing the history or the provenance of the file.

Essentially a list of tricks or checks to audit the file before use would be very useful.


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It was interesting as I knew there was nothing wrong with either my file or my Excel Installation in the post you mentioned

I suppose that through experience I am aware that not all functions are available in all Excel versions or in the 3 areas where they must be implemented.

Internal Excel Functions need to be built so that they are available in:
1. The worksheet Formulas
2. Named Formula
3. Available in VBA

Unfortunately, not all Functions are correctly implemented, yet!

I can show you examples of using the new Statistical Functions to Crash Excel because they haven't been fully implemented into Named Formulas

I'm not sure if any Tools cover all those bases and then you add local implementations & languages to compound the issues

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Hi Logit. Thanks for the link. I looked at link and it would probably be very useful if I was using VBA and coding. Unfortunately my Excel skills have not advanced that far yet......but thanks for the info.
Thanks Narayan. Although I'm not involved in creating a business plan, the main file I'm working on does need to be audited by an accountant (it is a Membership file for a charitable organization and includes donations and membership fees) so the link you sent is going to be very useful. Thanks again.