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How can I include a cell reference in a webpage hyperlink?


New Member
I am trying to help my mom by making a hyperlink in her excel contact list which will automatically open her Yahoo Mail in a Compose message and populate the email addresses from the sheet.
I have used =TEXTJOIN to link all of the addresses with a semicolon between. This will allow her to add and delete emails up to 400 rows (more than enough).
I have found this hyperlink "https://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?to=your@email.com" which links directly to the Yahoo Mail Compose screen and places "your@email.com" in the TO: field.
I have successfully inserted this into the Excel sheet with =HYPERLINK("https://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?to=your@email.com","Email All") and it works.
I want to replace the "your@email.com" with the cell reference to the =TEXTJOIN result, but it is not recognizing the result and only opens a blank email.

She is very limited in her computer knowledge and has been struggling even with Copy/Paste, so I want to make this as simple as possible. Any help is VERY much appreciated