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How can I access the training material?


New Member
..might be a silly question, however I haven't access the material I paid for and I don't know where to login into the Excel School + VBA Classes - Membership?


New Member
I've sent several Emails to Chandoo and not answer until now. Also contacted them with the Live Chat option leaving some messages as is never online and no luck. It's frustrating, severals months since I paid for the training and nothing!!!


New Member
The information you have requested was already answered by Chandoo on Sep 21, 2013
your access is valid until Jan 2014.
Your login URL is http://vbaclasses.com/online/wp-login.php
Your User ID is: daniel.salazar@mac.com

You had also replied, that you are enjoying the training
Were you looking for any other information?
Please let us know
Thank you
For Chandoo.org
I am planning to sign up for excel (advanced/dashboard/vba) classes.
May i know what you meant by valid until "date". If i sign up for the classes, will i have access to training material (videos + templates) for life time or limited time ?

Can we download the videos on my local device?
Can I download the training material on multiple devices - work and personal device.
Can I watch training videos without internet connection after downloading them on local device.


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

For all questions on Chandoo's products / training , you can contact Mr.Ravindra , on his email ID :

purna [dot] duggirala [dot] va [at] gmail [dot] com

If you are already a member of any online training course of Chandoo's , you can post your questions in the comments section under each course lesson.