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How anyone know how to create an excel that would import and refresh historical forex info?


I am trying to create an excel to import forex information from the internet
for a few choosen currency, ie USD/EUR, USD/JPY etc
and then based on the raw data, create charts.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Chihiro. Yes something like that. But I would like to keep track more than 5 currencies against USD. I found a similar file ( i think by the same creator) on line. It is ideal as it allows me to choose the period and the currency. But the problem is when I choose a new period and refresh the data, all the charts prepared disappeared too. I tried to create tables from the raw data but apparently we cannot create table from data retrieved from query. Any help would be appreciated. I guess I will just have to download and use cut/paste method if I cannot get the excel sheet to refresh by itself from the internet without removing the graphs.



Excel Ninja
Hard to tell as VBA module is Password protected on the workbook. But looks like it's coded to remove any sheets not coded.

You should be able to have another workbook linking to the workbook and build your chart there.