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Highlight date that occurs yesterday and beyond

indi visual

New Member
Conditional formatting in excel gives you the following highlighting options...



7 Days

...and so on and so forth...


I simply need a formula that highlights everything from yesterday and beyond forever into the past. That's it.

I've experimented with the following: If E4 is yesterday's date or beyond, and H4 is blank then set conditional format.

[pre]<br />
=AND($E4=TODAY()-999, $H4="")[/pre]

I realize the -999 part does not work, but every forum I've explored so far does not actually state how to do this (everything else but actually this).

indi visual

New Member
How about you post your address so I can order you a pizza!

Thanks Hui!

By the way, I would really like to learn all of this without feeling like a bum. If I wanted to take up some classes on this, what type of classes would those be?


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Chandoo runs an Excel school

One has just started

Email him to see if you can Join or when the next one is


indi visual

New Member
I need to look into this. The people I work with think I am a genius. Little do they know there are "Excel Ninja's" out there who can rock this stuff way harder than me!

Thanks for helping me out with everything Hui!