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Help with Time Calculations


New Member
I am a complete newbie in excel but I have been assigned an excel project at my job and would be very grateful for any help..What I need to do is a sheet that

1 shows a real time clock

2 has a conditional start button (y,n) that shows start time and will not be refreshed but the real time clock or when I go to another cell and put in a "y" for another start time...

3 need to be able to input a required run time and have another cell display run time + an 8 hour refresh time example (E2=d2+TIME(8,0,0)

4 have the finish time compared in a conditional format to "Current time" and display red background "NO" or green background "YES" if finish time (E2) is >=NOW()

I have worked out some of it but the refreshing of the cells is a major problem.. I have not been able to limit the real time clock to a single cell and NOW() refreshes every time I press "y" to start another run in a different line.. Is what I am looking for Possible? BTW the required run times vary from 15 minutes to 4 hours.


New Member
Also some of the projects run past midnight which is another problem since the >=Now() doesn't recognise the 01:13:00 is greater than 23:45:00 of the previous date