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help with modifying an if fomuelae.


I have


I need to add another AND ---- so that it should only add a number in the cell if this is also a number the M column of the row that is beng checked.
If there M cell is blank in the row, then it shoud return an empty result - the cell to should be blank

is that clear?

I want to make it so that I do have a test case number on the table if I have not added a test case number of the spreadsheet.
It is not providing the desired results.
If I provide you the excel, will it help - the table in on sheet 2 cell L4.


  • SOX_Testing_Template_Generic__Final_V18.0.xlsm
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Typo in my suggestion =IF(NOT(ISNUMBER(M3)),"",IF(L3=$T$21,$T$20,COUNTIF(Testing_Main!$K$10:$K$147,L3)))
You did not say what doesn't work. Crystal balls are in short supply these days