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Help with #days lapsed calculation

Hi everyone:

Have: a list of customers sign-in with names and dates.
Want: to calculate the number of days elapsed since the last visit.
For example, Abby Spung has 4 visits: the resulting #DaysLapsed in as shown. See attached file
Please help with the formula.

Thank you very much



Active Member
So what you want is not days lapsed since last visit but days lapsed between visits. First, I sorted your column of names alphabetically, then in column D, I placed this formula and copied down =IFERROR(ABS(IF([@Name]=B8,[@Date]-C8,"")),""). I reformatted column D from Custom to number. See attached.



Excel Ninja
Please, reread

Hi P45cal,
Thanks for your help with my excel question on calculating the number of days between visit. AliGW of Excelforum solved the problem using a formula. The solution you suggested is using pivot table is very effective too. However, I tried it but did not get the results that in your pivot table. I think it has to do with the cell value setting. Can you take a few more minutes to see where I got it wrong? The image is attached since the file is too big to be attached.
Thank you very much,