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Help With Code

Hello. Here I am again. I have made another small file to register wake up calls. The file works perfectly. It records all the information that you put in TextBoxes and ComboBox. What I have been trying to implement, it is a code to sort the information recorded from UserForm. The information is sent to a sheet called Database. I have created a button called "Sort Data" in order to sort the information placed in cells from B2:G33 in Database Sheet. For some reason I can not get how to create the code to allow me sort the data in Ascendant Order. Can it be done by code inserted in the Sort Data button or can the code be inserted directly when clicking in "Save" button? Also I created another button called "Clean Data Sheet". What I need this button to do, is just clean cells from B2:G33 from Database Sheet. I have uploaded the file I made and some screenshots in what I need to be help with. In advance, thank you so much for all your invaluable help.

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I know this is too much to ask...but is there a way to keep like a track per day of the wake ups done. I mean to save per day as a PDF file and then have the chance to display the file in PDF and then print it? Is this possible? Please accept my apologies if I am asking too much. Thank Belleke in advance....you are the best.

Sincerely yours,

Yes Exactly...that is what I really needed it. Please accept my apologies my apologies on the response delay. Thank you very much. You are simply the best.