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Help with an IF formula


New Member
I'm trying to collate data in the attached file. I need to be able to sort and collate data based on 3 variable columns and a range of possible choices.
X has 2 variables 1 or 3, Y has 6 variables 1 thru 6, and Z has 11 choices A thru K. I first need to group all X choices to then calculate the total time and cubic meters per pond then allocate this per irrigator then per block and then display the total flow per block per pond.

Thanks for any help.



New Member
Basically I'm trying to calculate amount of water from a lagoon to a block. This is so I can calculate total nitrogen applied. We have 2 lagoons 10 possible blocks with 6 possible irrigators. I run a spreadsheet with these option for each day with start and stop times and are trying to automate the collation of this data sets.
I figured that IF would be the way to sort it into a table i.e if this is true then put it here through the possible options.

Pete Wright

Sorry man, I still couldn't figure out, what's going on.
Could you simplify the sheet?
Or even better, can you make a worksheet with only data that's needed for calculation (without any extra infos)?
Then create another sheet in the same workbook with an example? I mean example data AND example output. That would be very helpful.
I'd like to help, but I can't figure out what should be done.

P.S.: There are cells that collect data from another Excel Workbook. I think you could leave them out in the example.

Thanks in advance


New Member
Thanks for your help.

Both are good solutions for the problem. I hadn't thought of converting it to a pivot table.

Peter, I think the 30 you refer to is the flow rate of the irrigator. This can change if I add restrictions to them.