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Help Required in Time Tracker


New Member
Hi All,

I have recently gone through some post in this forum to help me in creating a time register. Attached is the macro file that i found which was already prepared and it works excellent, however i would require some changes in this file to modify to my requirements.

AMS sheet --> This is the macro file that i downloaded from the forum. i would require some tweaks, which i have created a sample file to my requirement. All the Intime and out time should be recorded in the database sheet. as shown in AMS updated version file.

1. Login --> I want the same logic for login that was implemented in the AMS sheet for login. As soon as we input the emp id, login button gets enabled and however i want an auto mail to be triggered using outlook as soon as someone clicks the login. the mail ids, (To & CC) are in my database sheet. (File Name - AMS Updated Version) Also i believe the file will be auto saved until the same user clicks out for logout.
2. Logout --> When the user clicks out the logout button, i want the email to be triggered back to the mail id as provided in my database.
however i want the mail as Range A to Range G in a table form containing the details, refer my database sheet in the AMS Updated version file.
3. Holiday --> If any user want to update their planned holiday, they should be given option to update that by clicking the holiday button, and it should be recorded in the database in column H, failing to update if the user didnt login for the day, it should be marked as unplanned by default.
4. Reports -> In my emp data, i have assigned the user type, so whenever a user inputs the emp id in the main screen, this reports button to be enabled if the user is classified as Admin, if not it should not be visible. This tracker will be distributed to ppl, and the admin can able to pull all the reports which is registered in the database at any point of time providing a date range. Probably a consolidated file of all the employee time stamp.

Kindly help to get this tweaked from the attached macro file.

Thanks in advance.



New Member
Hi All,

I have fixed the 1st 2 points, can anyone able to help me on achieving the 3rd and 4th point alone in my earlier post.


Excel Ninja
You've written about 'some changes' ...
You've done 'some changes' ...
I checked some of Your needs and those Your 'some's
Above means - it won't work.
Take care.


New Member
Hi @vletm ,

Thanks for commenting. Can you do one favour, can u put the codes here where u have designed the enable of login once id is inputted and disabling after it is clicked once from your pri version