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Help removing password xla


New Member
hi everyone
If anyone can help removing password from the files in the link i would be really thankful
Unfortunately the author passed away back in 2011 even though there are no copywrite rules and the author gave full permission free to edit but this password is being a pain. I cant get in touch with him or the team who developed it.
ı want to edit the macro code and add one additional parameter

thankyou so much


New Member
PS ı tried the tool sahred here i still couldnt manage it.It says VBA Project is unprotected! but then when i click the file it crashes
need the password removed from layout.xla
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Thank you for providing the link. I've looked over the entire site and unable to find the authorization you speak of.

Can you be very specific where his authorization is located on that website ? There are so many pages full of data and information
it is virtually impossible to see it.

I would like to assist you but ....