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Help! Internet Explorer Dropdown ComboBox Navigation using VBA Macro


New Member
I am having difficulty trying to automate a dropdown comboBox in internet explorer using an Excel Macro. Note that I am very new to VBA language and web scraping.

The code I am using unsuccessfully is:

'Change Posting Period

Dim posting As Object
Set posting = ie.Document.getElementById("inpt_postingperiod2")
posting.Value = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("RMA").Range("C5").Value

'The value in this cell C5 in this instance is: Aug 2019

In internet explorer this code will change the the text that is displayed in the dropdown box but when I later submit the page, the underlying value was never really changed.

The script related to the dropdown is:

<input name="inpt_postingperiod" title="Sep 2019" class="dropdownInput textbox uir-field-active" id="inpt_postingperiod2" role="combobox" aria-labelledby="postingperiod_fs_lbl" style="width: 280px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" contenteditable="false" onkeydown="getDropdown(this).handleKeydown(event);" onkeypress="getDropdown(this).handleKeypress(event);" onfocus="getDropdown(this).handleOnFocus(event);" onblur="getDropdown(this).handleOnBlur(event);" type="text" value="Sep 2019" autocomplete="off">

And the script for the dropdown option items:

<div class="ns-dropdown" style="display: none;" data-name="postingperiod" data-settings='{"flags":-2147483520,"width":280,"minWidth":280,"mandatory":true}' data-default-option="4" data-options='[{"value":"127","text":"May 2019"},{"value":"128","text":"Jun 2019"},{"value":"129","text":"Jul 2019"},{"value":"131","text":"Aug 2019"},{"value":"132","text":"Sep 2019"},{"value":"133","text":"Oct 2019"},{"value":"138","text":"Nov 2019"},{"value":"139","text":"Dec 2019"},{"value":"140","text":"Jan 2020"},{"value":"142","text":"Feb 2020"},{"value":"143","text":"Mar 2020"},{"value":"144","text":"Apr 2020"}]' data-initialized="T">

Note that the Excel value of Aug 2019 should be selected from the dropdown options list. Thus, in order to automate this, I cannot use the value/index number since this will change in the future; I need to match the excel cell value of MMM YYYY to the MMM YYYY in the dropdown list (in this example Aug 2019).

Thank you for all the help!