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HELP Corrupt excel .XLS file (OLE header structure corruption)

alfaromeo uu

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hi all

I have a excel files that got corrupted. as attach . They were being used on a Windows 7 & excel 2013, but cant open now, but still have size (1.19MB) but i try all the way and many fix tools i just cant fix it , some tools shows OLE header structure corruption . Is there any hope for this data? PLZ help, btw i notice some different with my others excel , as attach ~

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I assume you've tried methods outline in link below?

You can try opening it in OpenOffice. Then saving it as Excel file as well. This has sometimes worked for fixing OLE header issue.

Another, is to change file's extension to .zip. Then use archive repair tool on it. Then rename the file to .xlsx and test.

Worst case, you can try manually looking through archive xml files to see if you can find anything.