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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
If you couldn't tell by my user name, I'm Eric.

I work for a global telcom, and am regularly challenged by Excel problems of a whole range and variety. I'm also a six-sigma green belt.

I also just completed my B.S. in International Business about 2 years ago (while working full time) and managed to get an international business empirical (statistical) research paper published in the conference proceedings of a major IB journal in 2008. I keep a blog on International Business issues and ideas, which you can find by clicking my icon. Unlike Chandoo though, I have zero subscribers. LOL! :) (so far anyway, but it's also a month old)

I love to learn (and teach), and get really excited when I find better ways to accomplish important tasks more efficiently or effectively.

Excel unlocked a whole new world of questions and insight for me, and I find that although I'm something of an expert in certain areas, that I'm woefully under-exposed to others (like VBA for example).


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Hi friends; I'm Molly, from Wellington NZ, the sailing capital of the world. I'm coordinator and analyst for the Domestic Energy Users' Network (DEUN), a non-government organisation (NGO) which calls for fair electricity prices and sustainable energy development. I use excel charts of electricity and economic statistics to support policy development on these issues


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Hi, I'm David Miles, I'm British (and Colombian by adoption). Professionally I'm a mathematics teacher in the IB system, I'm also the Academic Coordinator at the school I work at. Currently based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working at the International School here.


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I'm Julie and live in Texas. I work with contracts and contract data. I know more than some, less than others, but always seem to get stuck with my excel questions, know just enough to know it can be done, but don't know how.Thanks!


New Member
Hi everyone... :) Love to See you all here... I am HUGE fan of Chandoo... I am literally hooked to his site for all the good things that he has done.. His site has helped me practically in many things in my office...

I am Kapil from Pune, India and work with a Bank in the Sofware division, banking industry.

I use Excel to make dashboards and reports. I also (try) to make simple VBA(=copy/paste code pickup data from one file to other, hide unhide rows and columns etc... :)

@Chandoo: Love your site!!! Please keep up the Good Work... and Once Again Congrats for your kids! :) please upload their pics for all of us to see...


New Member

I'm Myles from Bristol, England. I am a qualified Accountant and have been working with Excel for the past ten years. The majority of my work is either "quick and dirty" analysis or building robust models for financial modelling and reporting. I have recently set up a consultancy in Bristol called Clarity Consultancy Services.

I found chandoo.org about a year ago and was amazed by how Chandoo and the other contributors apply tools that I have been using for years in such innovative ways to get such great results. I love the site and visit regularly.

I hope to be able to give a little back to the site now through contributing to this forum.


New Member
Hi to everyone,

I'm Daniel from Porto, Portugal. I'm an Electrical Engineer working in the Telecom area. I use excel almost once per day, I love to keep almost all the information in tables. I've found chandoo.org two months ago and since that I've known the Dashboards; I'm currently working as a Project Quality Manager for a big project and I'm also giving some support to the PM with the weekly meetings; I've built my first "mini" Dashboard and I had the surprised our client liked a lot.

Now I'm working on other files in other to show the most important information of the project performance to all levels (Director to subcontractors).

I hope to be able to help anyone on this forum on where I can.

Best regards.


New Member
Hi! I'm Fil from England and I run with my wife an educational consultancy and training company called Learning Works. Our background is special eduactional needs teaching. I only have a basic grasp of Excel work and I hoping to learn more to help our small company keep on top of projects and work. I'm also hoping to extend this knowledge to help school based coordinators for SEN and learning support.


New Member
Hi everyone,

I'm Brian from Philadelphia. I work for a financial company and do a ton of excel-based reporting. More and more we've seen management come to use excel because they are comfortable with it and it doesn't cost anything compared to BI software or things of that nature. So I'm always being pushed to develop new things that Excel can do for them. That's how I came across this website. There have been a ton of really helpful things I have learned, both from Chandoo and from other users. I'm looking forward to a great collaboration in the future!


New Member
Hi I am jasten and I am an excelaholic. I started using excel probably 12 - 14 years ago and it was only a little here and there, not much. Now I find myself in it every day, all the time, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. I truly have a problem and need help. Just kidding, kind of... I am starting to study VBA and learning macros, the more I learn excel and feel advanced, the more I realize that I don't know much at all relative to all it does. I look forward to working with everyone here and appreciate such a fantastic place to share information.


New Member
Hi PHD friends.

I've recently found this forum and have been glued to it now for the past 2 weeks at lunch-times. I'm a dangerous Excel user: don't know Excel very well but understand the POWER of this application! I'll help others where I can, but just from these posts I already see that I'll be on a steep learning curve.



New Member
I am reading everyone's questions and answers and I am just amazed at the things all of you are doing with Excel. I am more impressed with the creative minds of the members here who are so forthcoming with the great answers and solutions.

Chandoo, you PHD you....your site is awesome. Your email tidbits, insights and examples are great. They really are an inducement to jump into Excel and go nuts doing whatever. At some point I know I will hook up with one of your seminars or classes, sorry I couldn't swing this one you will start this month(?).

Anyway, I am just getting started with Excel. And now I am going to have to explore VBA and macros, as some of you folks that do this and recommend doing so, appear really enthused about their benefits.

Chandoo, keep it going and best wishes with your new baby.



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Hello to all you Excel folks,

My name is Diane, I'm an accountant at a University Medical School and have been using spreadsheets since before there was Excel. I'm looking forward to Excel School and hoping to learn many new, useful ideas and tips.


New Member
Hi there - I'm Charles from Minneapolis, MN (originally from London). I am so impressed with the content of this site! I have been working with Excel for many years, but clearly at a VERY basic level!!

I work in sales support and primarily need to learn about sales dashboarding. I have pulled some great tips so far and am looking forward to learning more.


New Member
Hi All. Dean here, the most incapable excel person you will ever meet, and so why am i here? Well, i am trusting the Cone-heads of the excel world will take pity and humour upon an Englishmen with a phobia for formulas yet a burning desire to show his boss he can do "excel stuff"and to right stick one up him by slowly with the help of the wise becoming a legend of the cells in the company of swimming for which i work. As Daniel-Son Turned to Mr Miagi for help, so I turn to you.... I ask you pity me and help with the very basics, you know, those things the folks born of the 80s take for granted, yet those born in the Seventies appeared to so miss out on. I seek help on my conditional formatting for dates, i followed what had been done previous, but to be honest the language was nearly mandarin to me.....so ..hi, the retarded one is here. Please don't leave me in a corner.


New Member
I was searching about Excel 2007 Conditional Formatting using Google and landed here. I was really impressed with some of the articles here and registered quickly.

By the way I am Shanka from India. I am an amateur programmer (VB, VBA, HTML, JavaScript) and have good knowledge when it comes Office suite.


New Member
Yours is the easiest Excel help site I've ever found. (Just found it this morning.) I know enough about Excel to be considered very good by others, but 'dangerous' to myself. Will be posting a question if, in the next few minutes, I don't find my answer among your other posts. Looking forward to using Chandoo to further my knowledge and use of Excel in a business and analytical environment!


Hi this is Vinod here from Bangalore, am working as Financial analyst. I am using Excel from last 3 yrs. Excel is one of my hobby..Chandoo site is really giving lots of information regarding XL in plain english.


New Member
Hello! I’m Andrea from Denver, Colorado. I work as a Financial Analyst who plays in Excel all day…and recently reading this really cool blog all day and saying I’m doing educational training. Of course, the power that I have learned here they are taking my word for it.

I’ve learned a lot, and realize I may have been lying when I called myself an Excel expert, I got blown away here. Thanks for posting the forum, I’m normally a heavy Googler finding Excel answers (actually how I found this site) but some reason Google just let me down….I guess no one else has been wondering some of the stuff I have.


New Member

I'm Marko from Helsinki, Finland. I work in a chemicals company as a controller, and currently I'm trying to build different kinds of dashboards in Excel for various reports that I do monthly. I took a VBA course in my university a few years ago, but my interest in macros was recently awakened anew by a colleague who had constructed great sales dashboards for his team, with help of macros.

Thanks everyone for helping out on the discussion board, and I hope that some day I am skillful enough to assist someone when the code just does not work :)

..And thanks for the daily mails also, they are often very useful!


New Member
My name is Marty. I am a Business Analyst for a national homebuilder. I consider myself to be average in Excel and above average in willingness to experiment and get my hands dirty in the application. After using it for over 10 years, i still feel that i have just scratched the surface of what is possible. I am enjoying the blog and have noted some items that I plan to challenge myself to incorporate into my work. Thanks for the opportunity to share my questions and meet other intrepid Excel enthusiasts!


New Member
G'Day from Australia.

I'm Peter Taylor as a Computer Administator in the health industry using Excel for a wide range of reporting needs and some charts. Just starting getting comfortable about dashboards and found out this website offering dynamic dashboard. Trouble is we are on Excel 2003, so I would enjoy the hurdles I come to.


New Member
I'm Karl from Mansfield in UK. I work in forensic mental health. Recently promoted to Charge Nurse, currently I have responsibility for running a 14 bed low secure unit my team is 20 plus strong. This means I have to do a variety of tasks which has included staffing rota's, times sheets, drugs, assessment and audit amongst many tasks.

I am complete novice with excel (my colleagues think am a pro because I can do simple tables and charts). It seems prudent to get more to grips with excel and use it to make my life simpler.


New Member
Hi There, another Aussie here.

I am an Accountant who has not kept abreast of all the changes in Excel and I have been trying to catch up over the last week. I have found this site to be an amazing resource and have been completing the KPI dashboard tutorials. I am very keen to learn as much as possible from you all