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Hello, and a question, actually lots of questions I think?


New Member
Hello to all

I would like to ask a question which I am sure will turn into a number of questions, my experience with excel is fairly limited and I find my self stuck with a project I want to start. I have looked at the various dashboard programs and they are either too expensive or dont seem to do what I want. The easiest thing may be to outline what i want to acheive, so here goes:


I have a spreadsheet which downloads futures data from a package installed on my computer. It shows the following in realtime:

Todays opening price

Todays High

Todays Low

Todays mid point

Todays Current Price

Todays Point of Control ( this is price closest to the midpoint where the most volume has been traded)

Todays Top of Value ( this is a value which is equal to or lower than the high)

Bottom of value (opposite of Top of value)

Opening range (The prices traded within the first 1 hour of the markets opening)

This same data is also shown for the previous day and the previous week, obviously these historical values are static and current price is not shown.

I want to show this data in as vertical lines and bars starting from the left being weekly data, then yesterday then today. ie the being a ">" symbol for the open against a price, the opening balance shown as a Vertical bar, next to a bar showing the hign and low, then a bar showing the top and bottom of value. A "P" symbol against the point of control. etc

I want to have the spreadsheet constantly centred on the current price so the sheet effectively trades around the constantly changing current price that remains in the centre of the screen.

I will stop here for now because as I said this is more than just a few issues. I know this is a little more than a novice project but hey I will give it a try.

Any and all idea are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Can you draw a picture of what your chasing as the output/chart and post it some where like


Once uploaded put the link to it back here