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Grouping Data


This is double post

and still no answer, please need help and take a look at the file for clear explanation and need formula solution (Im using office 2019

Thank you



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Please be patient. this is a free forum staffed by members working for free on their spare time ( as on XLforum).
If you are looking for an urgent answer there are pay sites who will do the job fast
OTOH you give no requirements whatsoever in your post, and your title is less than descriptive
You cannot expect members to have to open your file to see what you need, and if its in their domain of expertise

Peter Bartholomew

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Good luck. I can make progress with Excel 365
= LET(
  leadOccurrence, IF(NOT(COUNTIFS(Kiosk_Name,Kiosk_Name,No,"<"&No)), Kiosk_Name, ""),
  requiredData, IF({1,0}, leadOccurrence, Source_Note),
  SORTBY(requiredData, Kiosk_Name))
but I do not fancy the task with traditional spreadsheet techniques