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Graphical Representation of KPIs


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Hello everyone,

Please refer to attached file, containing data (KPIs) of one of my branch location. I'm looking for possible graphical representation of mentioned KPIs along with base & targets.

I'm extremely poor in graphs, would appreciate if anyone spare some time.




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You have too many values to compare the KPI for current month. I say, select 1 or 2 important values to compare (either narrow down the list or use form controls so that user can tell what they want to compare the KPI with). Then use Thermometer chart to show how the KPI is doing with respect to comparison. Along side the thermometer, you can show variance or few other important info.

See here for tutorial on thermometer charts -


All the best.


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Thanks Chandoo Sir for your valuable input. I'm highly indebted.

I do realize there are too many values, but I've often seen beautiful constructed graphs / dashboards on numerous websites including yours to present such bulk amount of data in a meaningful manner. They are so dynamically designed enabling us to select the KPI which need focus.

I'm not good in this part of Excel, I was just looking for a kick start to do this; needed a little guidance in a direction to follow.



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Hi guys, I have a question.

Maybe is a stupid question... anyway:
the value in all the columns except "Base" and "Target December" are year to date value? Or are referred to single month?

Thanks for your reply


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

The columns C through N contain data as follows :

Column E : actual data for current month

Column F : target data for current month

Column L : Column E - Column F

Column M : Column L / Column F

Column C : actual data for month taken as the reference month

Column H : Column E - Column C

Column I : Column H / Column C

Column D : actual data for Same Month Last Year ( Same Month Previous Year )

Column J : Column E - Column D

Column K : Column J / Column D

Columns G and N are not being used.

All data is cumulative YTD data , assuming that the year starts from January.


P.S. All of the above is just my opinion.