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Get user Signatur


New Member

Right now i'm trying to find a way to copy the name or signature from the user thats logged in to the computer

I have seen this work but I have had some trubble finding an example of it.

So I hope some on of you guys can help me?


The user fills out my form and then presses a button (VB-skript) that transfers the data to another sheet or a database. This is were I want to logg the one who is inserting the data.

data 1/data 2/.../.../[Initial of user]

All comments and tips are welcome!

Best Regards



(I'm Swedish so I hope you will excuse spelling errors and funny sentences)


New Member

I've used "Environ("username")" in code before to get the name of the user.

Add this code into your VBA and run it to see if the text in he message box is what you are looking for:

Sub test()

MsgBox Environ("username")

End Sub



New Member

Thanks alot Myles :)

I just wrote the skrip like this:

Activecell.Value = Environ("username")

It worked out exactly like I whanted