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Get Data with filters


New Member
Hi All,

I need small help. I want to get data by filtering from raw data. it consumes time for me. can anyone give vba code for this?

1. We should make few filters in columns like Tier, Country and TAT.
2. We need data in column N and column O. Data is available from column A - I.
3. column O contains sum of rebate amount by filtering only country.
4. column N contains sum of rebate amt by filtering country and TAT. TAT can be filtered as per column L (example: <=15 for AU or <=40 for ID)

I think we should keep many loops/array or if-conditions here to get these values. Can anyone help me with vba here..



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Your post has received 29 views and no answers.

It would appear your explanation is not sufficiently clear to the readers on the Forum. You might want to reword your goal.
Make the goal clear, simple and short ... so it is understandable.