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Get data for duplicate lookup vales

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Hello Everyone,

I have a query on the sheet attached below.

The reason i m posting it here is that i am not sure whether there's some formula that can solve this or VBA is required to answer this.

My Query is, that on Sheet 1 in Column A i have some sales offices for which the employees are listed on the Sheet 2 in Column B.
Now, I m required to use any method to bring those few names to Sheet 1 in Column B with their respective sales offices.

But the challenge is that the records on Sheet 1, even after using several formula combinations, keep on repeating.

For example: on Sheet 1 Chicago has 16 records whereas, on the Sheet 2 employees available against Chicago are only 4. So, i would like to know if there's some method that can make all those 4 employees appear on Sheet 1 against their sales office i.e. Chicago and reset the count when it hits 4 and initiate the same process again for the next 4 records on Sheet 1 and so on.

I have added the result on the same sheet.

Thank You in advance



Not open for further replies.