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Get average time based on other table details.


New Member

I have data from the customer service hotline. Some of the agents offered the customer upgrade product and were able to make a deal. I want to get the average time of the calls if they made the deal or not.
I have 2 tables: The first one - calls- shows the duration of the call.
The second one - shows if the customer was upgraded.

How do I get in 2 different cells the avg time of a call for customers who were upgraded and for customers who were not?

For the customers who were upgraded, the average duration call should be 506
For the customers who were not upgraded, the average duration call should be 900

Thank you!



Excel Ninja
Customer 32484 seems to have both actions ...
You wrote that those should be ... something,
but did You explain - how those should be something.
Here one vision ... guess ...