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Generating a set of 2000 random numbers and save the Generated set in Adjacent coloums.

The Excel is attached where a number is generated for 2000 incidents. Each set need to be saved for future analysis. the number of set generation is also in range of 1440 representing each minute of a day. i am trying to simulate the maximum number of concurrent request pending each minute if 2000 random request are coming each minute.



Excel Ninja
Staff member
Select A1:F2000 (That's only 1999 numbers)
Goto the Data, What-If Analysis, Data Table menu
Set the Row Input cell as a cell not being used say AA1, apply

every time you press F9 it will update
You also talk about 1440 minutes but your Random formula is Randbetween(1,120)

If you want to maintain the data for each column you will need a VBA solution
i am ok with VBA for the solution. The 1999 random numbers which are being generated at each F9 need to be saved in a different coloum.
Yes i need to have number between 1 to 120 to make each set.