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Gantt charts from Pivots with data sourced from Access


New Member
Hi All,

I have being reading all post and tutorials for Gantt charts and project management on the website but I cant find anything to solve my problem. If anyone has an idea on how to create a gantt chart from a pivot table with data sourced from Access.

I have the following data ( ID, TASK , RESOURCE, START DATE , END DATE , EST EFFORT in DAYS (0.5 = 1/2 a day, 0.75 = 3/4 a day etc ) Project status (Completed / OPEN /In progress ) in Access which i update daily . I then have excel 97 linked to Access to create reports ( just a table ) then from that table in Excel a pivot so that i can filter by Resources, Project status etc. The solution I am after is visualised in my head but i cant get it to EXCEL and that is ( I think....)

A Pivot table with due date as columns, task as rows , filtered by Resources and the gantt based on end date and EST effort .

Is there a better way of doing this ? Any insight is much appreciated.